New Energy Technology

Fields of our research New Energy Technology

With the vision of "The World's top research institute leading green energy technology innovation" New Energy Tech. Lab. is focusing our capabilities on leading the new energy technology in the era of carbon neutrality, such as hydro energy, large-capacity ESS, renewable energy, and advanced energy materials & MVDC. First, In the field of hydrogen energy research, we are focusing on R&D of integrated operational technology for the entire process of producing hydrogen from renewable resources. In the field of Bulk energy storage system technology, we are striving to develop bulk energy storage technology to mitigate power fluctuation caused by increasing power generation of renewable energy. In the field of renewable energy, it is developing operation and maintenance (O&M) cost reduction technologies to increase the utilization of renewable energy, and is promoting the advancement of AI-based main facility diagnosis technologies. Finally, In the filed of advanced energy materials, research is underway on MVDC design and operating technology to deal with renewable energy generation capacity, and plans to conduct research on advanced energy materials to cope with future power system.

Demonstration of green hydrogen from renewable energy source & development of operational technology

To achieve carbon neutrality, we concentrate on R&D of integrated operational technology for the entire process of hydrogen energy. Previously, we have achieved improved performance in stability and efficiency of hydrogen production through establishing and operating MW-scale electrolyzers. Getting the evaluation technique for reliability in hydrogen production, we are conducting research on long-term operation technology of the MW-scale electrolyzer system. Now, we aim to lead the future technology of hydrogen production by developing a high-performance SOEC system. Also, through the international research partnership of KEPCO-Fraunhofer, we are conducting research on hydrogen storage using various hydrogen compounds, hydrogen vehicles, oil refining industry, power plants, and hydrogen blending into natural gas pipelines.

AI-based main facilities diagnosis for renewable energy & O&M cost reduction technology

AI-based O&M technologies is a technology to increase the utilization of renewable energy. The test-bed of renewable energies was built such as offshore wind and solar, and develop diagnostic technologies for main facilities such as blades, nacelles, and PV modules. We also conduct applying demonstration technologies and commercializing by developing digital twin for real-time monitoring of main facilities' conditions and upgrading diagnostic technologies based on AI/Bigdata. We contribute to expanding the supply of renewable energy in Korea by deriving measures to improve the utilization rate of renewable energy generation complexes and improve economic feasibility by securing core technologies.

Bulk Energy Storage Technology

Bulk energy storage technology mitigates power fluctuation by storing surplus power produced by increasing the power generation of renewable energy, thereby can stably operate the power grid system. In order to find economical & flexible resources, ESS Research Group carries out research to select the optimal ESS through integrated demonstration of chemical based energy storage technologies such as VRFB, NaS, LIB, etc., which are classified as the medium-term ESS. This Group is also developing 『CAES - PHES Hybrid ESS』 as an Alchemist project to secure the core technology of mechanical based bulk long duration ESS, and doing international joint research to develop thermal energy storage technology that can supply power and heat at the same time and secure economic feasibility to convert fuel at thermal power plants. Indeed, in order to fulfill carbon-neutral policies and reduce ESS investment costs, MWh-class second use ESS empirical research is underway using waste batteries in electric vehicles. ESS Research Group is expected to contribute considerably to leading 2050 carbon neutrality by ensuring the competitiveness of world's original energy storage technology through developing high efficiency bulk energy storage technologies.

Development of MVDC operation technology and Power Materials&Components

MVDC technology is a medium-sized DC distribution network technology that uses DC voltages of 1.5kV to 100kV, and can increase line transmission capacity by more than 40% to compared AC. We have secured designing technology for the MVDC network using the existing AC 22.9kV equipment. On the site of New Energy Technology Laboratory, ±35kV level MVDC station and network for demonstration is on construction, and plans to secure operating technology through 30MW power transmission demonstration. Also, eco-friendly PP(Polypropylene) cables that can reduce CO2 and recycle compared to existing XLPE(Cross Linked Polyethylene) cables will be applied to MVDC demonstration station to secure empirical data and performance evaluation technologies. In addition, a research will be conducted to develop SiC power semiconductors with improved operating voltage to several kV or higher and apply them to PCS(Power Conversion System).