Site Tour and Reservations

Cyber PR Site Tour and Reservations Site tours to KEPRI and Gochang Power Test Center

Precautions for a site tour

Who can take a site tour?

  • Employees of KEPCO and other group subsidiaries, interest groups related to electricity, opinion leaders visiting the company
  • Individuals, college students of related departments or other group visitors (*We do not have any site tour programs for school expeditions from elementary, junior, or high schools.)

Tours available on

  • Mon through Fri, no tours on national holidays and public holidays (including Saturdays)

    * The actual date of visit should be discussed and decided in accordance with the schedule of the institute. (No tours available when there are other events scheduled for the institute.)

  • No ordinary site-seeing visits are accepted.
  • No photos while taking a site tour.

Application process

  • Make a reservation by at least two weeks ahead of your visit by phone, fax, or post.

  • STEP 1 Discussion of the schedule
  • STEP 2 Notification of visit approval
  • STEP 3 Application completed
  • STEP 4 Official letter received


  • Watching a promotion video
  • Photo taking
  • Visit to the research facilities

Inquiries on site tour


  • Person in Charge : Senior Staff, Yoonsun Cha, R&D Promotion Team, Strategic Management Team
  • Contact : 042-865-5085
  • fax : 042-865-5089

Site tour in Gochang Power Test Center

  • Person in charge : Deputy General Manager Namtae Beak, Engineering Center, Gochang Power Testing Team
  • Contact : 042-865-7211
  • fax : 042-865-7269