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Technical support : Introduction

KEPCO RI conducts technical supports to provide best solutions to domestic and international customers in electric power industries.
The areas of technical supports contain all the fields related with the power facilities including mechanical, electrical, chemical, structural and environmental systems.
KEPCO RI successfully performs technical supports of about 1000 cases every year for not only KEPCO but also power generation companies, and electric equipment manufacturers.
Integrated multidiscipline diagnosis for power plants during scheduled maintenance is one of KEPCO RI’s outstanding engineering service providing a lot of technical and economical advantages to our valuable partners.
Recently KEPCO RI keeps expanding technical supports to the privately-owned companies in power industries worldwide in order to assist them technically and maintain close partnerships with them.

Technical support : Category

  • Mechanical diagnostics
    - Root cause analysis and solution for mechanical failure
    - Life estimation for reliability improvement
    - Analysis and testing for solutions to noise, vibration and harshness
    - Metallurgical failure analysis
    - Combustion analysis and tuning
  • Electrical diagnostics
    - Integrity evaluation for electric facilities including generator, transformer.
    - Root cause analysis and reliability analysis
    - Electric component maintenance
  • Power plants performance evaluation
    - Insulation diagnostics for electric components
    - Reliability analysis for protection system
    - Performance test and non-destructive test
  • Chemical and environmental analysis
    - Chemical cleaning
    - Anti-corrosion application
    - Fuel property assessment
    - Transformer insulation oil assessment
    - Marine environmental impact assessment
  • Electric power transmission and distribution
    - Performance test of electric power transmission and distribution facility
    - Root cause analysis
    - Seismic stability evaluation
    - Structural durability

Technical support : Procedure


Prior consultation

Guide and discussion on overall service including work scope, time schedule, cost, etc.

Request for technical support

Official request for technical support with information of work scope, period, etc. on KETIS

Commencement, implementation and completion

Comprehensive diagnostics with inspection, testing, analysis according to the work scope in agreement

Report the result

Report of the result and submission of deliverables

Demand for payment

Demand for payment by KEPCO RI

Payment and Assessment of user's satisfaction for the service

Payment to KEPCO RI and Assessment of user's satisfaction for the service for service improvement


  • Contact  : Technical support Office, Myeonghwan Bang
  • Tel         : 042-865-5146
  • Fax        : 042-865-5128