Technical Transfer

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Introduction to Our Technical Transfer Program

We license or assign the intellectual property rights owned by KEPCO to enterprises or other third parties to capitalize these assets, which contributes to the growth of national economy.

Definition in accordance with Article 2 of Technical Transfer Promotion Act

A technical transfer is to transfer registered patents, utility models, designs, semiconductor arrangement designs, technology-intensive capital goods, software, other intellectual property technologies, designs, technical information, or other technologies through assignment, license, technical training, or other means from the owner of the technologies to a third party.

Technical transfer agreement

A technical transfer agreement refers to an agreement in which the technology owned by KEPCO (including intellectual property rights) are licensed through technical training or field instructions. More broadly, this include licensing agreements in which the use of patents or other industrial property rights is permitted in consideration of a royalty

Forms of technical transfers

Depending on the types of technologies that are transferred, technical transfers can be divided into industrial property rights transfer, know-how transfer, and technical transfers including industrial property rights and know-how at the same time. And, depending on the transfer of the title, they can either be a technical sale (assignment) or technical licensing. And, the licensing can also be divided into an exclusive license and a common license.


Application for
technical transfer

  • Description of the process : A company that desires to have a technical transfer shall fill out a technical transfer application form and send it with an official letter to apply.
  • Documents required : Technical transfer application

Review of technical transfer

  • Description : Based on the business plan submitted, the departments responsible for technical transfers or other related research departments review the technology to be transferred.
  • Supporting document : Business plan

Negotiation for
technical transfer

  • Description : Negotiate with the company

Preparation for contracting

  • Description : Prepare and obtain internal approval for contract forms for a technical transfer agreement with a selected company.

Contract signing

  • Description : Signing of the technical transfer agreement with the selected company.

Departments responsible for technical transfer

Patent Team, Office of Technical Strategies, KEPCO

  • Address : 58322, 58322 Patent Team, Office of Technical Strategies, KEPCO, 55 Jeonryeok-ro, Naju-si, Jeonnam (Bitgaram-dong 120)
  • FAX : 061-345-3777

Person in charge

  • Power transmission and transformation : Giho Lee (T.061-345-3775)
  • Distribution : Heaseok Lee (T.061-345-3773)
  • Communication, generation. civil/construction, environment/chemical : Soonung Baek (T.061-345-3774)
  • Technologies : Yoongyeong Lee, Global & Biz Team, Office of Research Strategies, KEPCO Research Institute (T.061-345-5110)