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List of promising technologies with a potential for capitalization
1Gas turbine combustion tuning simulator
2Error correction upgrading equipment for instrumental degeneration and upgrading methods
3Technology for detecting leakage and permeation of cooling water on the stator coils of a water-cooled power generator
4Real-time sales estimation technology for commercial facilities through machine learning of the AMI power consumption
5Simultaneous processing system for fine dust and NOx for diesel power plants
6Long, small-caliber tube inspection methods using induction ultrasonic waves
7Real-time analysis solution and operation system for operating the next-generation power grid
8Mixed environmentally-friendly gas power generation technology
9Automatic diagnostics of vibration of rotating objects based on the power generation equipment interface device
10Management of power meters through a remote metering system (IoT)
11Broken re-bar detector for power poles
12Method of preventing malfunctions earth overcurrent relays
13A system to monitor illegal activities using the evaluation of the influence of the changes in source codes
14Bio-gas pretreatment technology for power generation
15Communication program based on IEC 61850 Edition 2.0
16Method to measure the torque of high strength bolts of torque shearing type
17Device to evaluate the soundness of fuel nozzle of a gas turbine
18Method of detecting underground objects by measuring the electric specific resistance
19. A system to inspect underground power installations using a mobile device
20Technology to detect a failure point of an underground cable
21Methods and devices for searching an electronic map using the power pole number
22A system to extend the life span of the plating and painting of the members of a transmission tower
23An automatic diagnostics system for power distribution equipment based on AI
24Absorbents for Separation of Acidic Gas
25Seismic detection technology using wide-area earthquake monitoring network
26Regeneration of depleted catalyst for denitrification of exhaust gas
27CO2 absorbent for exhaust gas and its production process
28KEPCO CO2 separation membrane technology
29Internal temperature controller and controlling method of for Superconducting Fault Current Limiter, superconducting module
30Simplified analysis kit for insulation degeneration byproducts to evaluate the service life of a power transformer