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Introduction to our calibration services

We have been certified as an international calibrating agency that can perform calibration services for four pressure-related items, seven electricity-related items, and three temperature-related items since June 2006. The calibration reports issued by KEPRI, which is now a certified internal calibration agency, can be submitted as a proof of quality substituting separate tests by the importing country due to the MRA (Mutual Recognition Arrangement) with ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation). This can prevent overlapping tests that can happen in an international trade and contribute to overcoming the trade barriers of developed countries.

We calibrate and provide technical support for various advanced sensors such as pressure sensors, temperature sensors, and power meters, which are key instruments for power stations, through high-quality and high-precision equipment, excellent skill, and abundant field experience.

With continued improvement of the calibration equipment, we reduce the human errors and automate the processes to speed up our calibration process and enhance the reliability of calibration outcomes. Currently, we provide calibration services for 16 items in three sectors. We are also updating our calibration capabilities in accordance with the international standard, KS Q ISO/IEC 17025, while maintaining our calibration qualities and high-level measurement skills.

Certified areas of calibration

  • Certified areas : Pressure (204), Electricity (401, 402, 403, 404), Temperature (501)
  • Certified items :
    • Pressure : Absolute pressure gauges, gauge pressure gauges, pressure converters/transmitters
    • Electricity: DC ammeters, DC voltmeters, earth testers, insulation tests, AC ammeters Clamp-type AC ammeters/voltmeters, power factor meter, AC ammeter,
      AC voltmetersAnalog/Digital multimeter
    • Temperature : temperature indicator/recorder/controller, resistance thermometer, and thermocouples

Calibration process

  • STEP 01

    Calibration request

    Fill out the calibration request form and check the area of calibration
  • STEP 02

    Calibration request received

  • STEP 03

    Calibration and notification of the results

    Calibration report, invoice/receipts issued
  • STEP 04


    Calibration report and calibrated equipment released

Person in charge

  • Person in charge : Power Generation Lab. Hotek Kim. assistant manager
  • Contact : 042-865-5553
  • Fax    : 042-865-5214