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Introduction to Our Certification Test Services

KEPCO Research Institute was first established as the Electricity Test Facility of KEPCO in 1961, when the history of our growth and progress began. We are dedicated customer satisfaction through our power transmission and substation equipment power distribution equipment, and field technical support for power companies. Especially since our initial qualification as a certified international test agency for chemical tests in April 2000, we have earned further qualifications for structural testing for live-scale structures and non-destructive test for the power generation equipment to enhance the reliability of the results of our studies and technical supports.

Also, since we became a certified calibration agency in June 2006, we have a proven record of successfully calibrating equipment of our own and our clients. In March 2011, we were further certified as an international testing agency for ultra high voltage cables, firmly establishing our position as the best testing agency.

KEPCO Research Institute has been recognized as the central laboratory of a power group company due to its proven skills and technologies. With this, we provide the highest-quality technical services for each power station of KEPCO, five power generation subsidiaries, KHNP, and other organizations related to the electric power industry.

Chemical testing sector

KEPCO Research Institute has been certified as a certified international testing agency by KOLAS (Korea Laboratory Accreditations Scheme) in April 2000. Since then, the institute has been providing oil and fuel analysis services as a certified testing agency. Especially. the institute is the only agency that is capable of ‘insulation oil gas analysis’ and providing the highest quality in our test results. The institute also became certified as a ‘specialized agency for advisory and analysis’ for the first time in South Korea in August 2002, which is a proof of our differentiated technical capabilities and expertise with which we provide our customers with the highest-quality testing services as the best testing agency in the country.

Fields of certification: Chemical testing (oil and fuel analysis) Target samples: Lubricants, insulation oil, coal, and petrochemical products Certified items: 19 items including dissolved gas analysis (other than insulation oil)

Person in charge

  • Person in charge :Senior Researcher Byoungseob Kwak, Energy & Environment Lab, Creative Future Laboratory
  • Contact : 042-865-5469

Testing process

  • STEP 01

    Test request

    • Test request log
    • Check the standard for the required test
  • STEP 02

    Test application received

  • STEP 03

    Conducting the test

    • Test record
    • Environment Management Log
    • Equipment Inspection Log
    • Internal Calibration Log
    • Calculation of uncertainty
  • STEP 04

    Notification of the test result

    • Test Report
    • Sample Management Log
    • Test Management Log Records