Contact Information by Functions

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Contact Information by Functions
Task Person in charge Contact
Recruiting(permanent workers) Minjea Choi 042-865-5026
Recruiting(temporary workers) Yejin Kim 042-865-5023
Site tour(Daejeon) Yoonsun Cha 042-865-5085
Site tour(Gochang) NT Back 042-865-7211
Use of the facilities(Daejeon) Yeun Kim 042-865-5025
Sharing equipment and materials Mikyung Kim 042-865-5034
Technical support Sangmin Lee 042-865-5146
Technical transfer Gungwon Nam 042-865-5143
Certification tests(electricity) Heungseok Park 042-865-5849
Certification tests(chemical) Byoungseob Kwak 042-865-5469
Correction Hotaek Kim 042-865-5553
R&D Cooperation(general) MinJoo Kim 042-865-5132
R&D Cooperation(Energy and New technology RND Center) DK Lee 061-320-4273
Energy and New technology Research Institute Hyeonju Lee 061-320-4270
R&D Cooperation(Gochang) Namtea Back 042-865-7211
Power Venture Mikyung Kim 042-865-5034
Contracting(Construction works and Purchasing) Hayeong Lee 042-865-5045
Contracting(Services) Heonmin Kim 042-865-5049
Public relations and media Sukyung Kim 042-865-5081
Social responsibilities Seokwon Hong 042-865-5074
Website Dongkun Kim 042-865-5158