Energy Valley Research Field

Customer Service R&D Cooperation Energy Valley Research Field


Identifying R&D technologies specialized for the region

  • Identifying and executing convergent R&D projects for the specialized technologies of the region (optics, IoT, Big Data, etc.)
  • Researching the next generation hybrid technologies (fuel cell, thermoelectric material, photovoltaic/solar heat).
  • ‧ Cooperation through the lifecycle of the projects: Identification of new energy industry projects ▶ Execution ▶ Demonstration ▶ Commercialization

Establishment of Energy & New technology Research Institute (to be completed by 2021)

  • Location : Within Naju Innovation Industrial Complete (392-1, Dongsu-dong, Naju)
  • Size : Site area 98,781㎡, Construction area 15,562㎡ (Total project budget: 80.2 billion won)
  • Fields of researches : Regional specialized technology development and provision of an open test bed

Technologies for utilizing renewable energies

  • Development of the technologies specialized for photovoltaic power (light concentration type photovoltaic power, PV system for salt farms, road PV panels, and agricultural PV system, etc.)

Energy storage/harvesting technology

  • ESS, VRFB, MG, IoT, EV, sterling engine, TEG modules, etc. Demonstration of new energy technologies

R&D consultation and business vitalization support for companies in the Energy Valley

  • Provision of local R&D consultation and technical support
  • Demonstration of the products of the Energy Valley companies
  • Provision of R&D support for new Energy Valley companies