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Introduction to foreign cooperation

  • In order to preemptively respond to changes in the power industry paradigm and secure future growth engines,
    We are establishing strategic cooperation relationships, identifying research trends and developing technology.
    * Types of cooperation: joint research, joining international councils (membership), MOU and NDA conclusion, etc.

Cooperation status

Cooperation procedure and person in charge

  • Consultation with the person in charge of each cooperation (technology, business content)
  • General manager : R&D Strategy Office R&D Policy Team Gayoung Lee

[Membership]IERE(International Electric Research Exchange)

In order to promote the development of power industry technology and global research cooperation, organized by power companies, research institutes, schools, and manufacturers (founded in 1968)
■ Member: 59 institutions (Executive, etc.) 17, 42 general
■ Major activities: Technical Trend analysis and joint research promotion

[Membership]CRIEPI(Central Research Institute of electricPowerIndustry)

Japan Electric Power Industry Central Research Institute, Development, Transmission, Distribution, and Social Economy Research (Founded in 1951)
■ Research personnel : 726
■ Major activities: Development of technology in all fields

[Membership]EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute)

Nonprofit consortium composed of power companies and energy companies around the world
■ Members: 1,000 institutions (73% of the US, 27% of international members)
■ Research personnel : 760
■Major activities: Development of technology in all fields, operation of membership programs,and technology exchange

[Membership]Fraun hofer Institute

The German Institute for Applied Science, Development of Practical Technology and Global Research Cooperation
■ Size: 75 research institutes, 29 thousand manpower
■ Major activities: technology development in all industries, global research cooperation (entrustment, joint research, etc.)