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Gochang Power Test Center has been establishing the key testing infrastructures for power grid and substations, including a 765kV test line. With well-organized operation of the infrastructure and expansion of research equipment, we are now taking a step forward to become a world-class demonstration and certified testing agency.


  • To establish a world-class power demonstration and testing center


  • Demonstration and certified testing agency : Ensure equipment reliability and create a future income source
  • Secure the core technology for the future : Establish equipment investment plans in strategic and long-term perspectives
  • Industrial-academic-research technical information exchange : Sharing equipment and expanding technical cooperation programs
  • of power transmission and distribution technology : Strengthening the network ties with overseas research institutions.
  • Electric power theme park : Development of the public relations package program

Current status of our testing instruments

  • Power Transmission : 765kV Testing Ground, HVDC Testing Ground, etc.
  • Power Distribution : IoT/DC Testing Ground, etc.
  • Power transformation/superconductivity : Superconductivity Testing Ground, Power Transformation Testing Ground, etc.
  • Dispersed generation : Solar Power Testing Ground, BESS Testing Ground, etc.
  • Others : E-Free Center,Electromagnetic Field Mitigation Testing Ground

How to use the testing grounds

As a part of our open R&D initiative, we share our key testing instruments in Gochang Power Test Center with private companies to increase the usage of the equipment and do our social responsibilities.


  • 1.Test application

    Submit the specifications, drawings, and data necessary for the test.

  • 2. Review and acceptance of
    the test application.

    Assess whether the test can be conducted (by the head of the responsible department)

  • 3. . Discussion of testing processes and schedule

    Discuss with the person in charge on the applicable standards, test items, and methods

  • 4. Issuance of
    the test approval letter

    Inform the client on the test fee, available dates for testing, and how to pay the fee. The client subsequently pays the fee.

  • 5.Test conducted

    Testing process executed

  • 6. Settlement of
    the testing fee

    The clients can be charged for additional fee that are not covered by the previously paid fee, as applicable or have any excessive amount refunded to them.

  • 7. Sending test report

    The test report is issued and registered with the computer system

Person in charge

  • Person in charge : Deputy General Manager Namtae Beak, Engineering Center, Gochang Power Testing Team
  • Contact : 042-865-7211