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Auto Titration2011-04-29 10:00:27
ITT No. KEPRI-I-21115
Subject Matter of Contract: Auto Titration
Delivery: 3 months
Time-limit for Application: May 17 2011, 17:00 K.S.T.
Time-limit for Submittal(Bid due date and time): May 18 2011, 15:00 K.S.T.
1. Type of Tendering: International competitive tendering
The 1st negotiable bidder is awarded upon completion of the comprehensive evaluation conducted by the following procedures:
In the first stage, Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) Research Institute will evaluate the technical and commercial information; then, select those proposals which meet the Technical Conditions, GTC (General Terms and Conditions) and the requirements of this ITT. And, thereafter, KEPCO Research Institute will open the sealed priced proposal at a date and time to be announced later by KEPCO Research Institute. The bidder which has been disqualified in this stage shall be excluded from the second stage.
In the second stage, KEPCO Research Institute will award the 1st negotiable bidder to the lowest bidder whose bid price is satisfied within KEPCO Research Institute’s Contract Target Price.
2. ITT documents
The bidder can read the whole ITT documents at the following website (English version): (Procurement) and (Bid Information)
3. Bid bond
A bid bond of not less than five (5) percent of the total bid value in the form of bank guarantee or surety bond, standby L/C, or Korean equivalent options shall be submitted to KEPCO Research Institute by Time-limit for Application above.
4. Proposal Submission
The bidder should refer to the Instruction and Information to Bidders and Form of Proposal attached with this ITT for preparing and submission of proposal. Manufacturer’s direct proposal is preferable. In the event that the bidder is not the manufacturer, manufacturer’s regional exclusive agent or distributor having authorized certificate or a power of attorney is able to attend the bid. However, the negotiation after the award shall be executed directly between the KEPCO Research Institute and manufacturer.
In case of KEPCO Research Institute’s requests, the bidder shall present the original agreement of exclusive agent or sales representative to the KEPCO Research Institute for confirmation.
5. Place of Tendering
Room No. 101, 1st floor of Administration Bldg., KEPCO Research Institute,
105 Moonjiro, Yuseonggu, Daejeon 305-380, Korea.
For contractual details, please contact a assistant manager, Jae-Sung Oh
by e-mail: / TEL +82-(0)42-865-5045 / FAX +82-(0)42-865-5044
For technical details, please contact a researcher, by Jun-hyung Jo
bye-mail: / TEL +82-(0)42-865-5227 / FAX +82-(0)42-865-5206
April, 28, 2011
 KEPCO Research Institute